His Story..

I will never forget June 23, 2018. It was my cousin’s birthday dinner and Grace fortunately sat next to me. I introduced myself, and we started talking about our interests, what we were doing and our future plans. It was from that moment that my attraction to her grew… Little did I know that God had His own plans for the both of us even if that meant having a long distance relationship for nearly four years! Grace is my greatest blessing, and all I can say is I can't wait for Grace to move to the west coast (the best coast), and spend time doing life with each other.

Her Story..

I met Jeremy in June of 2018. We met at his cousin’s birthday dinner. I, of course, showed up super late in Grace fashion and there was only one seat left, which happened to be right next to him. At first, I thought he was one of those “too cool” Cali guys, but as the night progressed we ended up talking more and made a real connection. At the end of the night, one of our friends had paid the bill and I had taken a picture of the receipt to send it out to everyone. As I was saying my round of byes to everyone, I said bye to Jeremy and he said, “make sure you send me that receipt!” As I walked away, I realized he never even gave me his number!! Little did I know it was all a part of his plan! A couple of days later I mustered up the courage to DM him on Instagram – yes, I “slid” in his DMs haha. And it all kind of took off from there! Instagram messages turned into texting which turned into Facetimes! He visited me in Detroit in September and we have been together ever since. After knowing Jeremy for almost four years now, I’ve learned a lot about him. I’m most thankful for his calming nature and for always keeping me laughing with the ridiculous things he does and says! I’m thankful to have a partner that strives every day to understand me better and truly loves me for my weird, awkward, hotdog-dropping self. He is the best and I can’t wait until September 24th to officially be his wife! God is good and I feel so blessed to know Jeremy and I also can't wait to start our life in California together (aka please come visit me!)